1. catonhottinroof:

    Alexis Matthew Podchernikoff  (1886-1933)

    A moonlit dawn

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  2. colin-vian:

      Edouard Pignon (1905–1993) Coupe de fruits et nature morte sur la table, 1942

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  5. kevinnance:

    All American girl © 2014 by Kevin Nance

    (Voyeur Project)

  6. kevinnance:

    Summer © 2014 by Kevin Nance

    (Voyeur Project)

  7. labellefilleart:

    Reading, Edgar Degas

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  8. art-and-fury:

    Landscape with Smokestacks Edgar Degas

  9. art-and-fury:

    Self-portrait - Edgar Degas


  10. zachcollinsart:

    Collab w/ Jo Yeh (started by ZC, finished digitally by JY) 2014

  11. lionofchaeronea:

    The Mermaid of Zennor, John Reinhard Weguelin, 1900

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  12. devilduck:

    What have we learned? Be nice. Do not commit fratricide or alienate future saints. Trust no one. Eschew silver. Bathe alone.